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Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 3:07 PM

Connected car 4G LTE tests less than 1Mbit/s

What's the deal with a brand new Ford Explorer using the ATT Connected car trial plan getting really awful speeds? I'm showing full bars LTE but then when I do bandwidth test, I'm getting 0.050Mbit/s... that's literally dialup speed. I haven't hit the throttling range, it's just plain unusable.

And for some reason, uploads are around 17MBit/s.

Is this an ATT problem or a Ford hardware problem?

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1 year ago

Hi there, ! We notice you have concerns about your speeds while using AT&T Connected Car. Allow us to direct you to the appropriate support so we can provide some research!


Our Connected Car support team will take great care of you and address all inquiries, and questions you have. Please give them a call at 866.595.1222.


We hope you're able to get the assistance you're seeking! Thank you for connecting with AT&T Community Forums!


Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist

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