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Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 4:45 PM

China Wifi and data

My daughter is in China with her LG G3 International phone. Wechat seems to be working fine for her as is ATT text but she claims she "gets no data." I bought her an Passport plan so she would have data as well as texting.  No other kid on the trip bought the Passport plan and she appears to have no "advantage" having the plan and the others are at no dissadvantage.


I know we had some trouble setting up the phone here in the states and it won't do LTE due to HW restrictions but it will do data here at the 3G speed.  She downloaded the passport app and basically it just shows her where official "ATT wifi" hotspots are. Apparently the hotel she is in is not  one of them.  Is data ONLY enabled for those hot spots? Why doesn't the "free wifi" at the hotel seem to support her other than wechat? 

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9 years ago

She may not have data roaming enabled. She has limited data and overages will be very expensive.

If she has an unlocked, international phone, she should have purchased a prepaid sim in China.

Still her best option. She will have to use the new number assigned.

Free public wifi is often congested. Not surprised she has trouble connecting.



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9 years ago

Another SIM?  Really? That would take some planning but maybe would have been a good idea before spending money on passport. 


Text seems to work, so I don't think that is the problem. I did ask her if she turned on roaming but did not get an answer.  she's there for a week so the 300MB plan should be fine for what she is doing, but so far, no data usage showing up in billing and none seen on phone. 


Question remains: Do you HAVE to be at an ATT wifi hotspot to get data? I was assuming not. And I guess hotel wifi could be busy, but the other kids seem to be doing fine, but she is not. 

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8 years ago

Hi there! @ausphoche  thanks for posting your concerns. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the data.


You do not need to be at an AT&T hotspot to get data on the phone. I would recommend having her turn off Wi-Fi, power the phone off for 2-3 minutes, and once the phone is back on, turn Wi-Fi back on and attempt connecting to the hotspot once more.


Hope this helps!






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6 years ago

I can call China with my phone to talk to my GF's daughter that lives there now but she can't call her on her phone and I can't call GF on my phone because it says "Network Issues, call ended." Any idea on how to get it working so she can call her daughter. She has AT&T IP and IPhone 5S. Thanks a lot, I appreciate any help you can give.

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