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Sun, Apr 16, 2017 6:27 PM

Carrier settings

How do I update my carrier settings. Having difficulty sending text to non apple phones.

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Hello @5573tm!


Texting has become one of my favorite things about my smartphone.  It makes staying in touch very easy, and I can definitely understand wanting to get this working again.  Let’s get started!


The most recent carrier update we have for the iPhones was released on March 27th, 2017.  This was for devices on iOS 10.3 and higher.  To find out if your phone is running the latest version, please go to Settings > General > About and you should see Carrier Version on this list.  If your device was updated, it should show 28.3 as the version.


If you are not on iOS 10.3, you should see version 27.0.1.  In case you need to do an update, the device should let you know.  Apple also has a fantastic article for how to update your carrier settings.


After checking this if you are finding there is still an error with your texting, we will want to check some other settings.  Toggling the iMessage Off and then On is a great troubleshooting step to get many messaging errors cleared up.  You can find the toggle in Settings > Messages > iMessage.


I also recommend resetting network settings, as this refreshes the phone’s connection.  This will not erase any personal media, but it will remove any saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords.  To complete this, please go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.  The phone will reboot, and you can re-enter your saved Wi-Fi details.


Our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool is also an awesome resource for fixing common issues with your devices.  You can sign in for a more personalized experience, or just select your make and model.  Then please click Service/network issues > Messaging.


Please let me know if these steps worked!  Have a wonderful day!


Fiona, AT&T Community Specialist

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