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Mon, Jan 19, 2009 6:45 PM


Cant recieve/ send Picture Messages on Quickfire

Here's the deal, my family is signed up with the unlimited messaging family plan. My mom and my dad both can send and recieve picture messages. I'm not sure if my sister can. My mom is using a pink Nokia something or other and my sister and my dad both have Blackberries. I just upgraded from a RZR V3xx to a Quickfire. I have never been able to send or recieve picture messages, but i text like a maniac. At first i had thought it was only my old SIM card, but now my brand new phone won't do it either.
Anyone know what's wrong here?

also, I have just noticed that i can't log into any of the pre-loaded IM services at all

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12 years ago

Sounds like you have internet blocked on your line.


You need the account holder to call Customer Service to enable internet on your line in order for MMS and the preinstalled IM to work. They both need to be active to work.


Even though MMS and the preinstalled IM's use data to work, data associated with MMS and using the preinstalled IM is INCLUDED in your family messaging package.

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