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Friday, September 6th, 2019 3:32 PM

Can't Receive Short Codes - Help and Solutions From the AT&T Community

Not Receiving Short Codes? Learn how to fix that

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Short Codes provide companies with the capability to send text and multimedia messages from a wireless phone using shortened phone numbers. They are usually five to six-digit phone numbers. 


What to do if you are not receiving Short Code Texts?

  • Make sure your device is up to date. Learn how to check.
  • Check to make sure the number is not blocked.
    • Visit our Device Support Page
    • Select the make and model of your device
    • Go to the tutorial for block messages under Tutorials > Email & messaging.
  • In most devices, you can allow Premium messages through Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Messages > Send Premium Messages. You want to make sure that either “Never Ask” or “Ask” is checked (and not “Never Allow”).
  • Do a quick test to see if you are receiving any other Short Codes.
    • An easy test is to call *3282# like you're making a call. You should receive a free text message from our short code about your data usage.
    • If you have prepaid service with us, use *777# to receive a text back with your account and feature balances.
    • If you do not receive a text back, there may be an issue with text messaging on your phone. Try rebooting it and possibly resetting it.
    • Visit the Device Support Page for other helpful troubleshooting steps for text messaging issues.

Tired of those short codes?

If you are getting random short codes and want to get rid of them, in most instances, you can simply reply stop. If you want to report fishy short codes, alert us by forwarding the text to 7726 (SPAM).

David, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

I’m not receiving text from Zelle short code. They are not blocked and I have sent unstop to four different numbers. 

they say to check with you all to make sure USAA codes are enabled. 

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8 months ago

I first noticed this issue when trying to log into Social Security about a week ago. I have since noticed I am no longer getting my bank alerts. They seem to have stopped about the same time. I have a Samsung A6 and using the Samsung A6 messaging app. I can receive AT&T short codes and other emails. I have rebooted several times. Nothing is blocked. I have turned off Call Protect. I have turned on airplane mode and then turned it off. I'd rather not reset networks unless I have to because of the number of bluetooth devices. Any other ideas?

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6 months ago

Problem (Edited per community guidelines)ved! If you have tried everything and it did not work, then you need to call 611. See steps below. (I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with the latest Android 12.)

Have an app that can send you a short code text ready. I used US Bank but you can also use Uber, Lyft or another banking app. Get to the point where the app is trying to send you a short code verification text. 

If you have another phone use the other phone to call ATT so the tech can stay on the call while your phone reboots. 

Then you have to call AT&T (611) and ask for tech support. Tell them that you have tried everything and nothing worked. They will then send your phone an update (which will disconnect the call if you only have one phone). Shut down the phone for 30 seconds then turn it on. Go to the app and ask it to send you a verification code. Mine worked right away!

Before, I tried EVERYTHING --- reset network, rebooted 3 times, deleted all blocked numbers, did not have call block app, dialed *3282# and received a message back from ATT --- and nothing worked.

Update: After 1 day, I have received sms short code texts from Citi, AT&T and Chase. SMS code arrives right away -- has been rock (Edited per community guidelines)id so far. I used to ask them to call me with the code because the sms didn't work. Unfortunately, not all companies (like US Bank) provide an option to call you with the verification code so you're (Edited per community guidelines) if your SMS doesn't work. 




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5 months ago

This seemed to work for 2 of my devices that could no longer receive PayPal shortcode verification/security texts starting in October 2022. I did this from a laptop, but you should be able to access the same menus on mobile. If so, menu locations may vary.

  • Login to your account at and visit the wireless support page here:
  • Scroll down a bit and make sure the correct phone/number is selected under "My Device" (left side).
  • Tap "Fix My Wireless" on the menu bar. It should scroll you down the page automagically.
  • Under "Connection" (left side again), click "Text & Messaging."
  • It will ask you "Which type of issue?"
  • Tap "I can't send or receive messages."
  • Next, it will ask "Which type of messaging content?"
  • Tap "Text."
  • In my case, the tool responded with "We found something" and had an automatic fix available.
  • Click "Yes" to start the automatic fix (I believe it was a carrier settings update).
  • Note: alternatively, you may see a prompt that simply states "An update has been pushed to your device."
  • When prompted, restart your device.
  • Try logging in to PayPal (or any other service that utilizes text-based 2-factor authentication).

Hopefully it works for you!

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4 months ago

My Iphone 8 doesnt have a application setting in settings

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2 months ago

@CFoust11 I have a Samsung S23+. I'd been fighting this all day before coming across your advice. I muddled my way through it and it worked. I think it must be specific about selecting "text" as the content that you cannot send/receive, because "text" focuses it onto short codes.


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