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Fri, Feb 15, 2019 5:22 PM

Can't download MMS messages on Galaxy S7

This happens occasionally.  Enough that it is annoying, but not enough to knock me out of business!


I occasionally get a text message that says, "No subject//Message size ??KB//Expires hh:mm, mmm dd"  There is a download arrow to the left of the message.  I'm assuming that the messages in question are videos.  The most recent one was 32KB and expires at 23:15 Feb 17. 


Most videos/pictures download automatically.  No changes have been made to settings that I can recall.  Every time I've gotten a text like this, I tap the message and a "wait" symbol appears seemingly indicating that the file is being downloaded.  However, nothing ever happens.  The "wait" symbol eventually disappears and changes back to a download arrow.  No picture or video shows up within the message space.  I've checked "MyFiles" and do not see that anything new is in the "Downloads" folder.  Sometimes I get a message that says "Failed to retrieve".


In the most recent case, Wi-Fi was on (I was home, it was after bed time, and I turn it on so that the phone backs up.) BUT, cellular data was on as well.  I looked back and found a larger file that HAD downloaded, so it doesn't seem to be file size related.


Is this just something that occasionally happens, or is there something I can change that will prevent this?  I wouldn't mind if it didn't automatically download IF I was able to download it after the fact!  Incidentally, I have tried to download with Wi-Fi off since the original failure.


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a year ago

Hello @THE_Burg


We appreciate you reaching out to the community and providing feedback about not receiving video/picture messages on your cellphone. It would be our pleasure to help!


When it comes to Multimedia Messages such as email or picture, the supported size has always been set to 1MB. However device limitations may restrict MMS message size to a smaller size before allowing the picture to send. At this time the size is set to what our network is able to support.


You can check out our previous forum post AT&T Things to know: Can't Send or Receive text MMS messages or picture attachments  which will provide more details and quick tips on enabling MMS features on your device.


If you still have problems with downloading media files on you cellphone, feel free to access our Troubleshot & Resolve Tool/ Galaxy S7  and select Messaging in the Service/Network Issues section and follow the prompts to help get your device up to speed.


We hope this helps, and have a great day!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist

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9 months ago

Tried that troubleshooting tool and doesn't help one bit. I know this thread is old, but I too have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active with AT&T, and have had this issue for months. It is SO annoying. I've tried alot of fixes, but nothing. Even added APN settings, which brings me to this: What are the CORRECT & CURRENT APN Settings for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active AT&T Nxtgenphone? It's 2019 and I NEED settings that will work please!


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