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Friday, March 6th, 2015 9:47 PM

Can u change computer records of gophone activity

My neice, who I am in charge of, received a go-phone non-smart from me. She is a computer wiz. In tracking her online conversations, she asked this question, is there a way to send texts or make calls on an ATT gophone and not have it show online under the account, or is there a way to erase it from online before anyone sees it. So, since she asked, now I need to know. she will find a way to override parental controls, she's smart.

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9 years ago

Hi there @DeAnnD


I’d be happy to help with your call/message records activity question! The only way to make a call or send a text message without a record of this showing on your online account would be to not use AT&T call/sms service for the action. To explain, depending on the device she is using, she may be able to use apps which provide call or messaging features over a WiFi or Data connection. As the information is passed through data, the specific action would not show on your account, just that data had been used.


If she makes a standard phone call or sends a normal text message, there would not be a way to prevent the record from appearing on myAT&T or your bill.


I hope this helps!


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