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Mon, Jul 8, 2019 4:42 AM

Can i disable text messaging one of my phones on a regular account

Can I disable text messages on my regular account for one phone 


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a year ago

Hello @Question55


That is an interesting question. Allow us to look into this for you!


Please know text messaging cannot be disabled from a specific cellphone that is included with a wireless account and mobile plan.


You can check out AT&T Secure Family App where it does offer the option of blocking messages including picture messaging. The General App Info at the bottom of the page will provide more details and information on what the secure family app provides.


We hope this helps, and thanks for reaching out to the community!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

Not unless you have a really, really old plan that still has text messaging limits. If you have an unlimited texting plan, there's no way to block or disable outgoing messages on the account level.

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a month ago

AS I am charged for each incoming and outgoing message, I want to block messages from people I don't know or scam messages. To accomplish this can I block all incoming messages? I assume the answer is no since AT&T would not be able to charge me. 

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