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Sun, Aug 16, 2020 6:19 PM

Block text messages from email addresses

I have a note 10+ and lately spammers have figured out to send text messages via an email address.     Is there anything in all the att and samsung software to truly block these even if i have to do it each time?      The other day they spammed us as a group conversation of some kind and our phone was blowing up from all the replies at 11 at night.    


This has to stop and we pay a premium for att because of all the extra feature, but at this point I am almost ready to change carriers JUST for this feature.



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9 m ago

We can definitely help you report SMiShing, @kgarfield71.

Late night spamming can be unnerving. We understand how it feels to be disturbed when you're just trying to rest. Here's what to do.

SMiShing is phishing that uses texting to lead you to fake websites that imitate real companies. Fraudsters use this and other scams to get personal info.

Every AT&T wireless number has a corresponding email address. You can send an email to that address and have it delivered to the device as a text, picture, or video message. These are called email-to-text messages.

We would appreciate if you would report the incident by ether forwarding suspicious text messages to 7726 (SPAM), or by email to

We've included lots of reference material above for you to review. Please let us know if we can provide additional support. Thank you!

Keny, AT&T Community Specialist

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4 m ago

This is a ridiculously poor answer from ATT.  I talked to the highest level tech support and they ensured my email to text message was disabled but I still get text messages from email addresses.   How hard is it to scan text and automatically block incoming text messages that contain an email address.   Other carriers have that protection but ATT lags way behind.   This is 2021, and still nothing.   Time to reevaluate my mobile service. 



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4 m ago

Its 2021 and still an issue.  After the 3rd call to tech support, I discovered the route needed to fix this once and for all.  When you call in, make sure you ask for "Advanced Technical Support".  Just say to stop all emails coming in to the phones text message in the "Email Gateway" like you see in a couple other posts but you don't need to spend the time describing the article since Advanced Technical Support knows where it's located.   I'm writing this to save everyone the headaches like I had.   Called tech support 2 other times and each one said it was disabled.   Advanced support confirmed it was not disabled.  Good luck. 

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1 m ago

This does not help. I have reported more than I can count and they keep coming. We need a fix! I get more each day. It's ridiculous!



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25 d ago

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