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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 9:08 PM

Been a Samsung User on AT&T since the 1st Galaxy - Captivate - Service Issues that should not be present in 2020


I am ready to upgrade to a new phone, but I have some concerns with my AT&T wireless service. I live in an area with poor cellular reception, and I rely on Wifi calling to make and receive phone calls at my house. When Wifi calling is enabled, my Samsung Galaxy S9+ cannot always receive MMS messages or videos via text message (stock or 3rd party apps). I have to disable Wifi calling, and/or from the Wifi altogether for them to come in. If I am on a Wifi call, I always have to drop from Wifi AND Wifi calling to receive MMS via text. This is a major problem in the year 2020 with $1200 smartphones. Then there is the issue of extreme compression. Picture MMS messages are compressed up to 1/30th of their original size. Yes, some people (my family included) still send pictures and videos via MMS and not through other apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc. This is basic functionality that worked years ago on much less powerful hardware and networks. I understand some compression, but from 7MB to 300KB is a bit excessive. Are you trying to tell me that your multi-million dollar network cannot handle a few 7MB MMS messages? I can get these messages much less compressed, on your mobile network via a 3rd party app such as Facebook Messenger. That is still your network, so what is the need for the extreme data compression? Finally, when will AT&T adopt the new RC5 standard to replace MMS? A workaround to my issue with MMS could have been solved by using an RC5-enabled client such as Google Messages. However, AT&T does not allow Google Messages to use RC5, so it was in the same situation as the stock messaging application. So here it is - If I upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a $1300 device, will I still experience these issues? if the answer is "yes", are you planning to resolve these issues in the near future? If the answer is "no", then I know that it is time for me to realize that AT&T only cares to support its iPhone user base and not its Android one. I will move on to another carrier (after 14+ years of continuous service) and leave AT&T behind. I do not want to hear excuses that it is Samsung's fault, because that seems to be a very popular strategy for both the carrier (AT&T) and the hardware vendor (Samsung), to point the customer back at one another. I attempted to get these questions answered via technical support chat, but the CSR ignored the details and gave me generic troubleshooting steps that reset my phones network settings. As this is not an individual device issue, all this did was force me to re-enter my WiFi info manually, and re-pair every Bluetooth connection. I would really like to stay with AT&T wireless as I have had pretty good service over the 14+ years. I look forward to hearing from an AT&T employee and continuing our business relationship into the future together.




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a month ago

Hello @DragonRand77!


We appreciate your feedback. Before ordering that new device you may want to review our Network Coverage Map to get an idea about the kind of coverage in your area.


If you're having difficulty connecting to the network or using Wi-Fi Calling you should review our Device Support Center for troubleshooting steps which may help resolve your experience. Make sure to download our Mark the Spot app which reports dropped calls, network issues, and you'll receive network improvement notifications.


Even though AT&T is licensed to cover a particular area, there may be spots within that area that have little or no coverage. There are several reasons why coverage may not exist in a given area:

  • Zoning laws restricting towers.
  • Locations where the surrounding terrain does not make a tower feasible.
  • Not enough traffic in that area to support the cost of a tower.

To minimize connectivity issues, we constantly monitor and optimize our network to deliver the best possible wireless service.


Also, you'll want to stay tune to AT& for updates and improvements not only to the network but for the latest news and developments. Currently, there is no info on the use of RC-5 on the AT&T network.


We hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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a month ago

Hello Lar,

Thank you for the information. It appears that the (Edited per community guidelines) cause of my issues is the lack of signal strength in my home area. I'll definitely check out the network coverage map and download the mark the spot app as you recommended. 


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