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Sunday, September 28th, 2014 9:19 PM

AT&T goPhone and Lumia 920



I have recently had to reformat my phone.  As a result I have lost all of my settings.  Now for the second time I am no longer able to recieve or send multi media messages.  This is despite having it enabled on the account.  I am assuming 4G is still not avaliable for goPhone customers.  This is the only option I can see that I can change and that would make an impact.  So either it is 3G or 4G, neither of which work for me.  The lack of support for goPhone customers is simply unaccaeptable.  I am unable to chat with an advisor and am unable to find a phone number where someone can help me.  If my only option is to go into a store, that would be the last straw for me.


As the community is much better at helping then the company itself, I hope you guys have seen this problem before.  If not thank you for trying and reading.





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9 years ago

4G LTE is available now for GoPhone Customers! 🙂


That's strange you're experiencing that from your device. When you talked to Customer Care did they reassure that the IMEI on your account matched the one on your phone? Also, it could be the SIM card as well. Has this always happened since you received your phone or did it randomly start happening? 


If worse case scenario, I would double check to see if you still have warranty on your device.

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