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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 3:05 PM

AT&T Blocking SMS from a Verizon Phone

My girlfriend has a Verizon phone.  AT&T is blocking her SMS text messages from going to any AT&T phone - not just my AT&T phone.  This is the 4th weekend I have been on the phone with support.  Previously, I've been assured that the problem has been escalated and is being investigated by the "back end" people.  I get canned, insincere, apologies for my inconvenience but nothing has been done to resolve the issue. Today I'm told that the ticket has been closed because the back end didn't have enough information. I am furious. I've made the issue crystal clear for 4 weeks in a row to multiple people. No one has asked for further clarification because I've made the issue clear. I am told that I cannot speak directly to the back end. What idiocy! AT&T support is a joke. And yes, Verizon has confirmed all is working on their end. My girlfriend can text to any other carrier - T Mobile etc. Her text reach the inter-carrier gateway.

10/29/2020 Update: I was able to contact someone in the back end last weekend. It was purely by luck that someone in that department answered my call to 611. That person was able to confirm that my girlfriend's phone number is being blocked from sending SMS messages. I received no explanation but was assured the problem would be resolved in 48 hours and that I would get a call back to confirm that the problem was fixed.  Of course, no call came.

My girlfriend had gotten a new SIM card from Verizon when this problem first surfaced. That didn't help. Last weekend we met with her daughter who happens to have the same phone. We swapped SIM cards and I was able to receive SMS messages from my girlfriend's phone when her daughter's SIM card was inserted. I could not receive SMS messages from the daughter's phone with my girlfriends SIM inserted. Thus proving that the phone number is being blocked.

10/31/2020 Update: I am now receiving SMS text messages from the previously blocked phone number.  I am happy that this issue is resolved. I did not receive any notification from AT&T that the problem has been resolved. I am really not happy that it took AT&T 6 weeks to fix the problem let alone all the hours I've wasted on this.


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