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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 9:35 PM

Assign a Static IP Address to my AT&T Unite Pro Broadband Hotspot on a Business Account

I have an AT&T small business account with 8 smartphones and 2 mobile hotspots. I would like to add Static IP addresses to each broadband hotspot. I have tried to contact AT&T Customer Service and the process has been a complete nightmare.


On November 13th, I called AT&T Customer Service and was transferred 4-5 times before being connected to a representative who told me that I was eligible for a Static IP address on these lines, but I would have to go to a special store to set this up.


As recommended, I went to the specific store he suggested with the hotspots on November 22nd. The first two representatives I met with had no idea what I was talking about so they referred me to the "technical" guy who said he could set this up for me. He told me that the price would be $85/month because they only offer Static IP addresses to entire family / group plans on business accounts. I told him that I was told this feature was free, but he said that I would have to call them back to override it since they were unable to do so.


Nevertheless, I proceeded with the charge and asked them to tell me what my new group Static IP address was. We advised me to search "What's my IP" on Google and it should be revealed. I took him at his word and saw the same IP listed across multiple websites. I called the AT&T Customer Service again that evening and was told that the price was only $10/month/line with the feature. While it wasn't free, it was much better than $85/month, and reasonable so I didn't argue.


The next day I tried to setup the hotspot on the network without success. After 1-2 hours of troubleshooting, I refreshed the IP address search engines and noticed that the IP had changed.


I called AT&T Customer Service again today and have been transfered 8 times and on hold for over an hour. One representative told me that a Static IP address is only $3/line, another told me that I needed to contact my designated account represenative, and the most recent told me that AT&T doesn't offer Static IP addresses to customers.


After doing some more investigative research on my own and confirming with yet another semi-knowledgeable representative, I discovered that my business would require a FAN number and a dedicated account represenative. I decided to call AT&T Customer Service yet again, was transfered more than 10 times, had to restate the situation each time, and eventually got a hold of someone who could help. We started the process, but he disconnected that call after 1 hour and 35 minutes on the phone.


I am trying to be patient and I am trying to be cooperative, but this has honestly been the most frustrating process. You would think that a big institution such as AT&T could handle such a simple request. I don't even know what to do at this point, but really need to find a solution.

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