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Friday, December 22nd, 2017 9:41 PM

Android Group Message Troubleshooting – Fixes From AT&T

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Learn how to resolve group messaging for your Android device 


We have some solutions below that will get you back in the conversation

Two Fast Solutions

  • Restart your device. In some instances, it may just be cached information, and restarting the device can resolve it.
  • Clear storage from the messenger app. Go to Setting >Tap on Apps > Select Messages app > Tap Storage > Select Clear Cache.

Delete the group conversation 

There is a chance that the group chat has been corrupted. It sounds rough but it means that some background code in the chat is bad. Deleting the group conversation and starting from scratch may resolve this. Others in the group chat may need to do the same. 

Text From iPhone Users Not Coming In

If your previous device was an iPhone and used iMessage. Apple still thinks you have an iPhone and messages are sent to iMessage rather than your Android device and you will need to disable or unregister it

Group Conversation Check Box

When you add a group of contacts to the recipient field, a checkbox appears above the keyboard. If it is not checked, a group message you send turns into an individual message. Make sure this is on as indicated by the checkbox in the picture below. This does not affect how you receive a group message unless that individuals group message setting is the culprit. 





Group Messenger Settings

One thing you want to verify are the settings that allow you to group message. Make they are enabled by:

Open Messages > Tap on the 3 dots > Settings > More Settings > Multimedia Messages > Verify group conversations is enabled. In some instances, you need to perform a combination of the above and a Network Reset.


Heads Up: Data may need to be turned on in order to use group messaging. 


3rd Party Messaging Apps

If you are using a 3rd party app to troubleshoot, disable it and test from the default messaging app. this will help determine where the issue lies.


Additional Support  

You can also find more information on AT&T Advanced Messaging on our homepage.


Hope this helps!


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist

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Community Support


2.7K Messages

6 years ago

Having trouble with group messaging? Check out the article above!

If you have group messaging issues with an iPhone, check out our iPhone Group Messaging Troubleshooting article. 


Need additional assistance? Check out our Mobility Answer Hub.


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

New Member


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I am unable to respond to group text. Error message states “invalid address”. Also, I cannot open files/pics that I get via text



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5 years ago

I have started recieving a message recently now saying "Multimedia not available in messages with 10 or more recipients." This very frustrating because the group relies on sending everyone pics etc. to strategize and organize it's operation and I can no longer contribute. Is there a way around this? 



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4 years ago

Unfortunately, my phone is not a supported device.  I have a Note 5.  Any solutions?  Thanks.

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3 years ago

I'm on an Android phone and I'm in a group with two people on iphones. I consistently have problems sending and receiving texts and pictures. most of the time I have to turn off the Wi-Fi to get things to send. This is going on for years now. When is AT&t going to fix this? And yes everyone is set to mms. We've all changed all the settings you've suggested over the years and nothing fixes it. I can see their text most of the time but often things are missing. I usually can't see photos. They frequently don't get mine.

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