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Wed, Apr 1, 2020 5:38 AM

Advanced Messaging

AT&T Advanced Messaging has stopped work on three of our Samsung Notes (8, 9, & 10+).

I got a new phone in January, and it hasn't worked for me since then. My husband's stopped working December 16th. My daughter's stopped working two weeks ago when I swapped SIMs with her to see if it'd work on my new phone.

All 3 phones are AT&T branded (not unlocked. All have the most recent software installed. I have turned Advance Messaging as well as AT&T Messages Backup & Sync off, deleted all data for the Messages app (stock Samsung), restarted, and turned AT&T Messages on again. I tried deleting all existing conversations. I have gotten my SIM card replaced. And ultimately, I took the plunge and restore my phone to factory settings and setup as new. None of those things worked.

I have been in contact with AT&T. They representatives tried removing and re-provisioning messaging and HD voice features. They escalated the issue. I was informed they have an open ticket for this happening when some phones try to re-register for Advanced Messaging. The ticket was opened in September 2019! I like the read receipts and being able to see when someone is typing a response, but most critically, I NEED to be able to send attachments larger than 1 MB.

There are at least 4 threads about this on the AT&T forums dating back to September, but no solution is indicated. There's not been much activity on those threads since October or November, though, so I am hoping there is a solution.

Have any of you had this problem? Do you have any recommendations? From what I have been seeing, it looks like it may only be happening with Samsung devices.

Thanks in advance!


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