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Fri, May 13, 2022 11:09 PM

When will AT&T return to its roots?

Do I remember AT&T, when it was the sole TELEPHONE company, super service, super equipment, very personalized. Then the tech revolution came, they made computers and I had theirs, it was faster than IBM’s. And, added internet “worldnet,” Then it got broken up!  Cingular regained the name, but not the spirit or ethos. We recently moved to an area where AT&T is dominant. We got the internet, fiber gig. Too many problems too many calls, very hard to talk to a human, always a voice synthetic machine until they want to push one into an over priced, dysfunctional product. Then, you have sales people swarming about you like bees. Every time we had a service call for a connection/equipment problem one or more sales person showed ahead of the technician pretending to be facilitating the repair but they quickly want me to switch my mobile provider, my TV service, whatever. with the support I’m getting on my existing service, I’ll be hard pressed to switch to a more expensive, less robust, under supported alternative. Recently, I had a device connectivity issue & AT&T played the customary TEFLON defense “not my issue” it’s the other guys concern. Alas, AT&T is a shell of its former self, got the name but not the substance. Once the poster child of corporate excellence, now the image of corporate greed and “how not to do anything.” SAD

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Who do you think ATT is (are)

The monopoly with fantasy service was broken up by your elected leaders in the early 80s into (7) baby bells.

Two of those  joined with GTE to form Verizon.

One was bought out by CenturyLink.

One (SBC) bought the remaining 3 along with ATT Long Distance, how SBC became ATT.

Along the way went from regulated service (POTS) to unregulated services (internet, VOIP, tv, cellular). Different products, different times with different technology… no going back 40(?) years.

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Definitely agree with you. Not intending to roll back the clock (no one can, but history repeats itself), but it shouldn’t be hard to provide good customer service and technical support. Apple does both and it’s devices are the envy of the industry, and so it’s customer support. I know, I have a house full of them. And Apple pushes the technology forward as no one can, right along with outstanding responsiveness to its customer, and huge MARKET CAP as the top global company. Yet they maintain their focus on what counts. ATT once did that and MORE. 


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