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Sat, Jun 22, 2019 8:02 PM

What channel do i use on my tv too watch my dvds and vhs movies

I need too find out what channel too put my tv on too watch my dvds and vhs movies 


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a year ago

Those devices should have been connected to your tv via a hdmi cable (or maybe component or composite cables depending on how old they are).  So it's not what channel to choose on the tv, it's what input port to select on the tv.   Each of those devices should have separate connections to your tv.  Your tv should have a "input" selection menu to chose which source to take input from.  For example, assuming you have uverse, your dvr or receiver has a (hdmi) connection to your tv.  To use uverse you needed to select the tv's input port that hmdi cord is plugged into.  Similarly for other devices.


Read you tv's user manual if you are not sure how to select inputs.

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