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Saturday, January 28th, 2023 12:46 PM


Newsmax being cancelled by AT&T/Direct TV

There are people out here telling us that Newsmax has been cancelled because of money issues (not true) and is being replaced by a more "right leaning news agency" anyway - which isn't the point. It's about cancelling (Edited per community guidelines) viewpoints. We are becoming a dictatorial state where opposing views are being censored.

Here are the facts :

AT&T’s DirecTV dropped NEWSMAX from all of its platforms at midnight on Tuesday, January 24th

This is the second (Edited per community guidelines) channel AT&T’s DirecTV has de-platformed in the past year. It cancelled OAN last year!

DirectTV clearly wants to have mostly (Edited per community guidelines) voices on their channel lineup. 

NEWSMAX is the only real (Edited per community guidelines) channel that brings its viewers full coverage of Congress, the White House, and politics – as well as other live coverage of voices like President Trump.

Now they're claiming to put a small (Edited per community guidelines) channel very few people watch – one with no ratings – to replace NEWSMAX.

AT&T Direct TV, is falsely claiming this is a money issue and that it’s seeking to save subscribers' money by dropping NEWSMAX.

This is a phony claim.

It only costs AT&T DirectTV about $1 per customer per year to carry NEWSMAX.

That’s nothing compared to the $2.7 billion profit DirecTV made last year. 

It’s clear Direct TV is seeking to muzzle (Edited per community guidelines) voices because there will be presidential elections in 2024.

DirecTV still carries 22 (Edited per community guidelines) news channels – and DirecTV pays all of them big license fees!

But, DirecTV demanded that NEWSMAX receive ZERO cable license fees – even though it’s the #4 cable news channel in America!

So, you’re paying DirecTV a lot for (Edited per community guidelines) news channels you don’t watch.

It’s clear, AT&T DirecTV are discriminating against NEWSMAX.

AT&T DirecTV has now censored two of the only three (Edited per community guidelines) cable news channels they carry.

The only way to fight this kind of censorship is to move to another service that carries NEWSMAX.

Stand against CENSORSHIP – Vote by switching to a cable/satellite system that proudly carries NEWSMAX!

Update: President Trump calls ATT DirecTV’s removal ‘digusting’ and is urging a boycott of DirecTV and AT&T! He says he is personally cancelling their products.

NOTE: DirecTV is telling customers they are still in negotiations with
NEWSMAX and that they hope to have us back. This is FALSE. There are no negotiations taking place.

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DirecTV cancelling Newsmax

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