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Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 5:20 PM

Hays manger name brandon clapp crosses the line when he abuses his power towards a customer who just wanted to be part of the at and t fami

Brandon who is known for his abusive past is dating/living with my youngest sister who has a kid with often comes up to my moms so ws both can see the baby. Me and him have never got along but been keeping it peaceful so that the kids dont see the hate.

On superbowl sunday he tells me about the new Samsung promo for the Galaxy S23. Its basically any samsung phone gets you 1000 credit towards the device over the next 3 years. My old note 9 literally just broke and my sister was nice enough to get me a s8 plus to use as a christmas gift from her kids. Now it a great geasture and sure was better then what i dealing with on my note 9. But as we all know phones are only supposed to last 2 years and espcially the battery's/screens.  This phone fast charge is 6 hrs so obviously when u look at the settings it says the battery is week u need a new one. Samsungs phones are great and all but they do have a screen burn in issue that happens after 2 years odf use where there is stuff that is permeant on screen. Especially when its white. So anyway brandon is telling me  this for a reason im thinking. So i remind him that i have real bad credit. He tells me that if port my current service number over it would skip the credit check.

To cut to the end. I find out that porting a number skip the credit check just helps lower the monthly bill. None of the 23 accepted my credit which is no suprise so i check the s22 series and i find out i can get the s22 plus just not with the 1000 promo/trade in offer that s23 has. My trade in with my note 9 was 45 bucks and the trade in on the s8 plus was 35 dollars so i decided keep both after checking. Now i go to place the order and me not even realizing that i have try to get service with before few years ago and but ended up going with verizon. Well 3 years ago i used to live with my sister so it has her old address. Which is the same town Brandon is the head manger at. Now i have move up north near Nebraska 1.5 hrs away and have live here since 3 years ago.

Im only bringing that up because when i place my order it had her old address as the main which means the order gets ship there i guess. The billing address and my card was to the place i been at the past 3 years. I get that first email stating that is being delivered there and not here so i get ahold of support as soon as i see and this just happens to before the verification part. Now support just had me to the verification before we talk about the shipping issue. I verify right away and she tells me that she is changing the address and has put a note on the order. Im thinking all is well and i find out later that day that my order has ship. i go to check my order status and it still has that hays address listed as the destation. So im (Edited per community guidelines) but i get ahold of support and find out that once a order is place there is nothing that can do about getting it change. I was told to contact fed ex and they could change it.  I was already (Edited per community guidelines) at that point so i told her to contact fedex. She told me that only i could cuz she didnt have the information needed to Forword on to here. So i ask her if we can just re order it and report it as lost and she said we can only do that when it actually says deliver. So im already out that first payment for service/tax but i cant even reorder it even though i do have money to do so. I knew there be a refund issue so i was more worry about getting the phone up here since there no at and t within 2 hrs. (Edited per community guidelines) walmart 1.5 hrs away.

So anyway im told we cant reorder tell it gets delivered or if i call fedex. the next day im calm down so im getting ready to call fed ex and all the sudden it says it been delivered already. Within 12 hrs it went from indiana to ks. I had no idea that it was overnight or even priority. So i cant call fed ex as i plan but as the lady said once the phone got delivered i could reorder after the phone was reported lost in transit.

So the lady issues the lost in transit order which btw took over 2 hrs on the phone and honestly i was ready for a cigarette by then and service is spotty in the garage. So she issue the refund after the lost in transit order was done. She wanted to just place new order with her but by then i needed a break and decided i would do in couple hours. Im thinking that some random dude has my new phone and it all cuz that first lady didn't do her job.

So im thinking i deserve something for all this hassle so i try to get upgraded to s23. i try and fail which happens but they decide that a free charger be possible if i did over the phone and not over online chat.

Anyway me trying those s23 orders in a row lock up the system because it makes u look very suspicious or a scammer. I was doing the same (Edited per community guidelines) i did the first time though but for whatever reason it requires me to do in person verifcation. So thast my luck i have to go to the store to show them my id to place the order.

Its 1.5 hrs to Brandon store so me and my buddy decided to go to a differnet one. Now this is the (Edited per community guidelines) up part. BRANDON decided to use this opportunely to do a deeper credit check and tell my family and not me. So he made me travel to a store to hand someone my id just to say i was no longer allow to get one. Even though i place an order with no issues.

Now i am jobless at the moment but its very rual up here. we got a post office and grocery store thats it. I been making my supplmental income by doing computer/phone repairs/streaming/mining crypto. I have taxable income on the streaming and crypto which i can show on my taxes. 

He takes advantage of me not knowing the order process and uses what i did against me even though i had no clue. Not only does he do that but he makes me go travel to go to a store for no reason. He could of at least had the balls to send a email.

This man does not need to a manager at a place thats all about family. Look what he did to me and not even to mention my sister when she first had there kid. He did the old im gonna go out for cigs note to her.

I would of never even try if he never told me to and honestly i feel completely viloated by him. I want coperate to check his story and mine and do background/credit checks on both of us.

We all have rocky past. Him with abuse and alcohol and me with drugs. But at least i dont waste a man time.

What goes around comes around. KARMA

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