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Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 2:52 PM

AWFUL customer service

I have been with AT&T for many many years. I started off their cell phone service, brought on three members of my family to my phone plan, got cable and internet with them. I was fairly happy with the actual service, however have never been impressed with their customer service. I have always found that not all customer service reps are on the same page and will pretty much just push you onto another. 

This was exactly the case for what I experienced yesterday. I had a move scheduled for my cable and internet. The cable was scheduled for 6/12. Yesterday morning I received a call confirming this at which time I asked if I could actually change my appointment to 6/8. On the original request I was informed that my cable would be shut off the morning of 6/12 and reinstalled when the tech did the move. Nothing was said when it was rescheduled to 6/8. Then in the afternoon it was discovered that my cable was canceled. I immediately called customer service. The first rep was very helpful and noticed that the mistake was made to terminate the service earlier than it should have. He sent me to another rep to reinstall my service. They again collected all my information and after 40 minutes said that I would need to sign up for the service again and a 2 year contract to reinstall my cable that they cancelled by mistake. She then transferred me to another rep who was even more lost. I finally asked to speak with a supervisor who I would have to say was even more clueless than the other reps. He said that my cable was terminated because my card was declined. First I did not authorize any additional payment and second my bill had already been paid a week prior. He then tried to inform me that my account is set up for automatic payment (untrue) and was extremely adamant of this. He then said can I get your phone number to look up your account. So you mean to tell me you are assessing my account with not even looking at my account. I immediately requested to cancel the move request all together at this point. I was then put on hold for another 10 minutes then sent to another clueless rep. This rep claimed there was another address on the account other than the one I was giving (incorrect considering I had my account pulled up and could see the address). She then informed me that no move was scheduled at all for the cable service and that the service was ceased. 

I have never seen such confusion and poor service given in my life. No one seemed to know anything other than the first rep I spoke with and each person gave a different reason for the cause of them terminating my cable early. I will NEVER use AT&T for cable again and am looking to cancel my internet and phone service with them. Being that they are such a large company you would think they could train people better. They especially need to teach that having a rep say I understand your frustration, does NOT help. It actually makes things worse.

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