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Fri, Jun 12, 2015 10:29 PM

Transfer of plan to new owner

I recently sold my home and the new owner wants to assume my Digital Life plan.  I am unable to have Digital Life at my new home. So this seemed a perfect solution for both of us.  AT&T now tells me that I cannot transfer the ownership of the system to the new owner and that I must remain responsible for the system although they will add the new owner as a joint owner.  I was told at the AT&T store that I only needed to call 855-288-2727 and the transfer could be completed quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, Nigel in Mumbai did not agree and now we are at a stalemate on what is to happen.


Has anyone else had a simlar experience?




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5 years ago

I recently purchased a home and took over responsibility of the previous owners contract.  The previous owner knew he was selling the house when he signed up in person at an at&t store. The store rep told him that a buyer would be able to take over the contract. 


Before closing i called digital life to get some info and they explained that service could not be transferred.  I told the previous owner and when he called customer service they told him the same thing.  He went back to the store, spoke to the same rep and she assured the previous owner that all i had to do was come into the store and open an account and they would execute a take over responsibility. 


Sure enough, i went into the store, spoke to the rep, created an account, and she told me i was good to go.  I got the previous owners login info upon closing and changed EVERYTHING password pin security questions ect.  But registering my new account and connecting my personal newly opened account to the previously existing existing account with alarm service associated with the house was a pain in the neck! This ultimately required over 2 hours and 5 calls to customer service to ensure everything was in order.  The customer service reps described it as a "TOBAR" (i think that stands for: take over billing and responsibility)  many calls and days later all the notification emails and the home page still list the previous owners name.  However all the billing details do reflect my information.  


As to whether the previous owner is truly off the hook for the payments, I can't be sure.  I enrolled in auto pay so I don't expect I will find out.


the customer service reps had to three way with other reps from other departments, long holds while the reps tried to work out this dual account scenario, and at one point i was on the line with 3 reps at the same time from 3 departments, while one of them spoke reached out to a supervisor to do some kind of override in their system.


Every single rep was very kind, courteous and helped me to the best of their ability.  Almost everyone I have spoken to has expressed that my situation (doing a TOBAR) was very uncommon.





I ultimatley had to cancel the preexisting account and start a brand new contract from scratch.  They could not properly link the two accounts due to the nature of the DLC system.  they are going to install a new DLC box in the house and start me up with a new two year contract.



In short, dont plan on being able to easily or readily assign your contract to some one else.  Your only hope is to have customer care start the new home buyer with a new contract and ask them to wave your cancellation fee. (and the new buyer will have to have a new DLC box installed from scratch)

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