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Saturday, September 29th, 2018 7:02 PM

Paying ATT for Nothing

I recently received a bill from ATT for $237.  I was shocked.


I used Digital Life for approximately two years.  After a couple hiccups in the first few months, I received great customer service.  I loved the Digital Life product.  The camera, the alarm, and the temperature box were extremely useful.  And, all of these devices were controlled from the Digital Life app - no matter where you are!  The dispatch team did a phenomenal job responding to the alarm (mostly erroneous alarm sounds, but nonetheless).


Then... I moved.  And... my initial view of ATT's phenomenal customer service abruptly changed.  Fast-forward from May 2018 to late September 2018 - I receive this bill to my surprise.  I thought, "I haven't used ATT Digital Life for four months, how could I possibly owe $237?"


"We didn't receive any calls showing you cancelled your service," they said.  "I'm pretty sure I cancelled the service," I said.  The truth is, I may have made a mistake.  There was a lot going on when I moved.  I swear to myself that I cancelled the service, but I'm fully capable of making mistakes.  But, I still just didn't think that would matter.  There have been times when I've made mistakes before with large corporations, and especially this one organization (I will not name), it always compensates its customers even when the company KNOWS it was the customer who was at fault (okay, I can't help it, Apple has THE best customer service).


Typically even after I admit fault and defeat, the company that didn't use any resources for services that I "used" will just drop the charges and say "you're welcome."  However, perhaps the tide shifts when you aren't a customer any longer.  I stopped using these ATT Digital Life product/services because of life circumstance (moving and not finding them useful at my current home).  And, well, I have to pay for a service that I didn't use for four months.  All because I didn't cancel the service back in May.  "Okay, I guess it's in the contract, so yes, I'm at fault."  Even if I am at fault, I still didn't cost a dime to ATT because there was no monitoring, product use, or any service use at all.  Apparently the great customer service only exists if you're a current customer.  Otherwise, it doesn't exist.  At least, I don't see it.  Therefore, I have renamed it to read:  ATT has great current customer service.  Poor past customer service.


PS - to think I'm a small shareholder of the company.  If several of the financial gurus didn't have this company as a strong buy, I would consider selling my small portfolio of ATT stock Man Sad

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4 years ago

@ncnorris12 - Please right click my username and send me a private message with your account number, name, and previous address so I can look into the issue.  Thanks.

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