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Monday, December 3rd, 2018 4:58 PM

Order Issues.....CONSTANTLY

I have made two orders through AT&T total, one last year in November, and one this November. I am growing increasingly irate at the customer service. The first order last year and this current order have several similarities and I need someone to help. 


First of all, the chat reps have absolutely no idea what they are talking about...EVER. I ordered an Apple Watch series 4 on 11/21. The status changed to Action Required, so I called the number provided. The representative assured me to not worry about this, my order is fine and I would have received it by Friday. I took this to heart, and waited. 


Once my status didn't change, I messaged chat reps. I asked several people if my order was fine, and they kept saying yes, they even claimed it was already shipped. 


I then got irritated, because it was not shipped obviously, it would have said that. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor went as far as telling my FEDEX ALREADY HAD THIS! I asked for a tracking number, in which he said he could not give me due to "security reasons".(Keep in mind, this is my order, I should be able to have the tracking number). He then told me that I can call FedEx, "google the number" (excuse me?), and give them my AT&T order number. I work with FedEx on a DAILY basis, and I know for a fact they cannot track a package using an order number, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and called them. 


They advised they can indeed not track a package with that, but they asked for my address and confirmed nothing is being delivered. SHOCKER. 


I went back to talk to the supervisor again, and he had disconnected. After telling me he'd wait. And not even saying he was going to disconnect. Talk about being caught in a lie. 


It took until LAST THURSDAY to finally get someone on the phone who knew how to help me. I went through 3 different reps and spent an hour on the phone just to find someone. My status of my order changed to In Process, and I figure it was all good. 


The ship dates in my email were 11/30-12/3. Here we are on 12/3 with NOTHING SHIPPED. 


Keep in mind, this type of horrible customer service happened 2 times to me now, and I've only ordered 2 times. If this is the theme for AT&T, I will never order again. This customer service is atrocious. I am very disappointed, and once my phone is paid off, I will likely switch over to Verizon as I was with them prior and never had these types of issues. 


I need to know where my order is. I need this by Sunday 12/9, and ordered it 3 weeks in advance because of this. A $500 device should not take over 2 weeks to ship! 



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4 years ago

FURTHERMORE, my ship date just got changed to AFTER CHRISTMAS! I would have loved to know this before I ordered on 11/21! As this is a gift I was promised to have by 12/9 by over 15 representatives! 

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