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Thu, Feb 26, 2015 3:49 PM

Can we get better Digital Life Customer Service Reps?

I had a billing issue that was supposedly going to be fixed last month from the digital life billing department and shouldn't see any issues on my next bill. Just got notified today that my new bill was available and saw that nothing was corrected and was overcharged four times my normal monthly fee. Called into to the billing department which was a nightmare. The associate kept on telling me she saw no notes and that my balance was correct. I kept calm and explained what happened last month when I called in and the rep was arguing with me that no call or notes existed on my account. I demanded a supervisor after 45 minutes explaining the situation to that rep, after being placed on hold for another 8 minutes waiting for a supervisor that representative (which was arguing with me) miraculously found those notes and credits that were supposedly be applied to this bill. I asked her why she couldn't find the notes and she said she was told by her supervisor that she didn't click, "view all notes tab". Really? Wouldn't that be the first day of training on how to handle notes on an account? Instead of arguing with customers and telling them their wrong maybe know how to handle a situation or be trained better. It just keeps on getting more and more ridiculous with all the issues this product has from equipment failures, billing issues and non experienced staff.
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