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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 12:41 AM

Vtech DS6522-32

Hi, can't figure out how to start a new message so I thought that I would piggyback on this thread concerning a Vtech phone. I decided to (finally) disconnect our landline and the only phone(s) we have are cellphones. For convenience purposes, it would be to have several phones throughout the house that we can use and I noticed the Vtech DS6522-32 advertises that it has 3 "handsets that connect to Cellphones" and my question is, does the phone REQUIRE that a landline be active or will the Bluetooth function connect the cellphones to the Vtech devices without an active landline? And I might as well also ask if the Vtech DS6522-32 will not do what I want, do know of any other device that might do the job?
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12 years ago

I looked up your manual here -

On page 5 it tells how to link the cell with ot via bluetooth. THere should be no need for landline, It is just like linking a cell phone to a car for hands free operation.
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