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Saturday, August 13th, 2022 1:59 AM

New connection box blocking a sprinkler head

With no prior notice, AT&T dug up two places in my yard and replaced the sod after it had dried out in the Kansas summer heat.  Then they installed a connection box about 18 inches in front of a large sprinkler head, effectively blocking it from watering a large swath of my yard.  I realize there is a utility easement on the back 8 feet of my lot, and the work was done within that area, but the area was not returned to its original condition.  Do I have any recourse?



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1 year ago

Take a lot of pictures of the damage than file a damage claim with AT&T. Just remember you're the one that has a sprinkler head within an easement, so they won't pay you to move it. Property damage claim

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1 year ago

Nope no recourse if the sprinkler was within the easement

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