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Wed, Jan 8, 2020 8:59 PM

I need help with a move

I've spent over 4 hours now trying to get straightforward information and schedule a time for AT&T to move/replace external equipment from a mobile home to new construction located at the same address. Obviously the customer service agents I've spoken with don't understand my request, for the large measure, and I don't understand why it's impossible to get to the correct department to coordinate this. It's been an endless circuit of "that's not my job, but let me transfer you" or "maybe you should try calling the same number you just called." I found one helpful individual in this entire process who seemed to know exactly what my request was, but of course, the agents have no direct lines, and I can't even seem to get myself transferred back to the Chicago call center where she worked. Can someone provide me a straightforward answer of what I need to do to schedule what should be a REALLY simple move? Or possibly some information on how to reach the Chicago call center or a specific agent for AT&T? I don't need/want ANY change of service, and I just need AT&T's equipment moved (or the 20-year-old equipment replaced) about 20 feet from the current location on my property.





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3 months ago

Call customer care 1-800-288-2020 and ask to speak with ATT Uverse Technical support department (if you say to the IVR "internet problem" it will connect you automatically). Ask the agent that you want to move service wire or NID (network interface device) and he will understand what you are requesting. A technician will be dispatched to do the change. charges may be involved

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