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Sunday, September 17th, 2023 3:20 AM

ATT Tech No Show & “someone” cancels telephone/internet orders; Heard this before?

No, not Fiber. Just trying to order telephone service and internet service for an 87 yo mother living in an independent living apartment. ATT Service/Sales for internet services are the worst. Everyone following script without listening or understanding the issue. They say they are the person to provide help today and then transfer you to another person without giving any info to the new rep. Then that rep makes the customer go thru everything again. From the jump, but doesn’t listen or understand the issues or the products they are servicing. They push you on to a supervisor who also says they are the one to resolve any issue, right now in this call. But that supervisor won’t reveal their name or the name of this dedicated group who can solve my problem. Supervisor enters yet another service order for a tech on site. The first time, waited two full weeks before appointment rolled up to the top. No show, no call. Review of account reveals ATT canceled order. Yesterday, I’m following up. After holding on the phone, then opting for a callback (computer states 15-18min wait). That call never arrives. After a full hour, I initiated another contact and spent three hours online chat, moved thru three contacts and end up with a supervisor as described above. Supervisor scheduled tech for Saturday, 12-4p. No show, no call, order canceled but there is an open announcement in my account stating a Service Tech is scheduled for today, Saturday. The announcement is still visible a full six hours+ after the service window is closed. How does ATT stay in business when employees don’t tell the truth, are not forthcoming with available service, don’t understand how the products are delivered to the residence or how to listen to the customer and use the information that the customer has provided? I’ve been clear from the jump. I’ve been explicit over what infrastructure is available to deliver signal to the residence. Customers are entitled to communication regarding their orders and services. If you can’t, then say you can’t. Speak Up and Say So! (Edited per community guidelines). I’VE BEEN JERKED AROUND BY ATT for a full MONTH and about 12 hours on the phone and chat. My elderly mother still does not have service, but instead, a bill for a gateway and a month of internet service is Past Due. F.U. ATT. You don’t deserve to be paid for all the time you’ve stolen from me while waiting on your (Edited per community guidelines). I deserve to be paid for the time I’ve been trying to acquire services. ATT, you’ve cost me three times the price of a month’s internet service. This disgusting performance is only happening because ATT doesn’t have the time to provide customer service to a customer. The line of thinking where the round peg order, doesn’t fit the square hole of some supervisory function, therefore: policy is for someone to simply cancel the order and move on. That action doesn’t work nor endear your services with your customer. Go ahead, do what you think is best and just let the customer figure out on their own that they are being jerked around by corporate incompetence. 

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3 months ago

Hi @ bradfagan, we understand the importance of getting an active service. We'd be glad to help!


Due to the nature of your concern, we need to take this conversation into a DM. Please look out for a chat notification towards the top right corner of your page, next to the bell icon.


Looking forward to connecting with you.


Sara, AT&T Community Specialist


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