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Sunday, January 14th, 2024 9:43 AM

Activate/unlock carrier

Got a Iphone 14pro from dad this christmas. He works and lives in the USA while i live in Sweden. He got the Iphone from work. They use the phones to test out diffrent products. For example they have 1 Samsung, 1 Iphone, 1 Xiaomi etc and they see how the bluetooth works with diffrent products.
When i try to use the Iphone in Sweden it seems the Iphone has never been activated and is carrier locked. So from my understanding is if they had activated it with the use of a sim in USA i could have unlocked it but would need to pay some small fee. But since the phone has never been used except for some bluetooth software testing it is not activated. They use AT&T on all their work phones (which is how i know it is locked to AT&T) When i try to activate my esim with my Swedish Esim, It says that that is not my network provider. Do any of you guys know how to unlock it from Sweden? I want to email AT&T for assistance but since i live in Sweden i do not have an account and can't create one. 

Additional information : Network provider : Iphone 52.0

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3 months ago

If i missed something or you want any addtional information im happy to provide. 

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3 months ago

Hey there! I understand and would like to help you resolve your ongoing concern,

In this particular scenario. the best possible resolution would be to have the person who owned the device initially to file an unlock request on your behalf as you do not have an active AT&T account, that is going to be the most hassle free route.

Do try and the same and feel free to reach out to us for any further assistance.

Thank you,
AT&T Community Forums Specialist 


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