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Thu, Mar 3, 2011 9:39 PM

VOIP Incoming Lines

I have looked around for a while and cannot seem to find something very basic.


I do not have VIOP phone service with ATT UVerse, but a friend of mine does and he has asked me for help.


When I look at my RG setup it says no VIOP service has been subscribed which is correct because, while I have two lines, I did not subscribe to VOIP.  When I look at his, I see two SIP lines which is correct because he did.


I guess his SIP lines are routed at the RG to FXS ports and the POTS phones around his house are run off of it.  He wants to route the SIP lines to a VIOP phone system so he can get some advance features like emailing voice messages to his cell phone.  We can obviously use an ATA (something like a Grandstream 503) device and reroute the POTS lines back into his network, but it seems likely there is a better solution.


He has a small block of fixed IP addresses which pass into his own router, but the SIP lines seem to be split off before then.


Can this be done and how.  It looks like people are using VOIP phones, but it is hard to tell if they are using ATT lines or some other internet service because their problems and discussions are more advanced.


Any help, or direction to go for help, would be greatly appreciated.




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10 years ago

AT&T provides no access to the SIP protocol used in U-Voice.  The only interface is the FXS ports on the residential gateway.


If you want to run your own VOIP/SIP phone system, you have to use a 3rd-party VOIP service and the appropriate SIP equipment, using the IP addresses as your connectivity.


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