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Sun, Nov 28, 2021 12:54 AM

Unwanted calls all day long every day, my poor elderly mother who barley speaks English has to deal with it, I'm at work! I've done it all.

I've tried AT&T's remedies all of it. I've been with AT&T since the 80's PAC BELL Days. By far this is the end of the road for unwanted calls. I've never seen a mad house of (Edited per community guidelines). They will go to nothing they don't care to be rude. They don't understand the word NO, I'm not interested. They will call back ONE hour later under a different number, with a different name, asking money for a different organization. I can't believe the authorities or the US government allows this. I consider this Fraud. Hacking, trying to steal information from hard working Americans. Most of these punks don't even sound American. I can't take this anymore. I have a cell phone It's happening on my cell. I have apps Rob killer it was one of the best when it came out. Now it (Edited per community guidelines) all the spam by passes it. What is this world coming to? My elderly mother doesn't know how to use a cell phone. The only way I can check on her is through a landline hooked up to my ethernet/Wi-Fi at home. I get spam like you wouldn't imagine. AT&T You're the biggest in the WORLD Telecommunication can't you get this right. There has to be a fix. Block the (Edited per community guidelines) from getting from point A to B. On landlines and Cell Phones their going to end up ruining people's lives. People are going to stop using Technology just watch. Help people out there WHAT CAN I DO THESE SPAMMERS ARE DRIVING ME TO THE BREAK OF DAWN.


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Unfortunately this is a very common problem with all carriers. The scammers/spammers/phishers use spoofed phone numbers and call lists they get off of the dark web to do what ever it is they intend to do. And being as most of them originate from outside of the U.S., our laws do not apply to them. The phone numbers or email addresses they use are constantly changing so it's almost impossible to block them. Once someone answers the phone or clicks on a link, they know they have a "hot number" and will continue to harass until they get what they want. All one can do is not answer and delete immediately.

All of the providers are working hard to overcome this but the fraudsters are always one step ahead of the law when it comes to technology, money, and schemes.


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Get a phone with a white list and only allow those calls to ring through.

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