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Sat, Aug 19, 2017 11:07 PM

Setting up NOMOROBO.

I have received instructions to sign on to ATT. open my account and go to phone features.  I can get that far, but when I click on Locate me, there is an alert at top left saying this user does not have access to voice service.  So I am unable to enter the phone number NOMOROBO provided to block robotic marketing calls.



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3 years ago



The error message "This user does not have access to voice service" appears because the system failed to record your agreement to the AT&T Phone terms of service. This error can be cleared by doing the following:

1. Go to or

2. Input your Billing Account Number, your 4-digit passcode and the CAPTCHA.

3. Click Continue until you get to the Terms of Service.

4. Tick both checkboxes.

5. Click Continue. The user ID field is automatically populated with your user ID/member ID. 

6. Close your browser.

7. Log back in to (or for Business) using your member ID ( and password.


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3 years ago

I tried my access code, my billing account number with valid password and codes.
The Make sure this is me page will not let me past the CAPTCHA, advising the code is
not correct.
Thank you for your assistance.


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