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Tue, Aug 25, 2015 9:46 PM

No Dial Tone.on U-verse Voice

Just had a problem with U-verse voice.  Landline phone had no dial tone, phone LED was lit solid green as it was supposed to be, and we could not call out.  Before checking self help troubleshooting steps I called the home phone using my cell phone.  Home phone rang and I answered.  Connection was OK.  Disconnected from cell phone and U-verse landline.  After that we got our landline dial tone back and everything has returned to normal.  Anyone else had this problem?


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5 years ago

@skeeterh3 - If a phone is "off-hook" to the att line finder it usually makes a tone, yells & then goes silent. Once the "off-hook" condition is removed, the line circuit will release & go back to waiting for the next one. It may take a few minutes.


Sounds like that is what happened to you & when you called your number it had returned to normal. If it was still held, you would have gotten a busy.


Hopefully, this is an isolated incident. If it continues you want to connect a phone directly to the RG to eliminate house wiring as the problem. Then connect another phone & wire to rule out the first phone & wire.


If it still happens with the second phone connected to the RG, it is an att problem.


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