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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 5:29 PM

DIgital Phone vs. landline

Hi, My landline prices keep going up and up.  I was wondering what is AT&T  digital phone.  (Is it a wireless phone that rings into a handheld phone (not sure if that is the correct word?)

If so what are the costs, the advantages and disadvantages.

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10 months ago

ATT Digital phone is not wireless. It still uses the same phone wires as your POTS landline. The difference is it is digital, not analog like your current landline. You can go to to see if digital phone is available to you and what plans and prices are available. It may or may not be cheaper than your POTS landline. There are many advantages of digital over analog. Probably the biggest disadvantage is you lose service when the power goes out unless you have battery backup. 

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