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Saturday, February 4th, 2023 3:32 PM

Desperate to stop scam calls to my 90+ year old parents

I just went through a huge effort to close all my parents financial accounts and get them set up with new ones after they gave away all their account information to a phone scammer. 

Have spent hours going around in circles talking to not very knowledgeable offshore representatives about 'Call Protect'.  My parents have the "AT&T Phone Unlimited North America" service which is an internet / VOIP phone.  The don't have mobile/cell phones and would have no clue how to operate a smartphone.  I've tried dozens of times to turn on the 'Call Protect' Phone Feature and get an error message.  I called agents three different time about this and could not get a straight answer. I was told after the third call that the 'Call Protect' was being phased out and being replaced  by the 'Active Armor' app starting in February.  

How can an app like 'Active Armor' that runs on an iPad connected to wifi have ability to block calls coming in on my parents VOIP line?  My parents also have ATT internet.  Has anyone had success using Call Protect on a VOIP line?  The ATT web browser site presents Call Protect as an option so shouldn't that mean it's enabled and should work?  Was Call Protect ever available to VOIP lines? 

Call Protect is found by navigating from 'Manage home phone' from the main screen (after logging in) and clicking 'Call Protect' on the left.  I've been an error message in the upper left corner of this screen so I guess it's chronically broken?   Hope someone can give a knowledgeable answer.  Offshore ATT agents have proven themselves to be useless for helping with problem so I'm on my own I guess.

Sorry for whining and complaining so much.   Thank you.


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4 months ago

@JoeT1  Lots of folks have been complaining to their public officials for a very long time, and what movement there has been has been glacial and not really solving anything.




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4 months ago

I'm not sure why anyone would want to depend on the phone companies when there's so many better options out there. In your case get a phone or third-party blocker that has a pretty good size whitelist. Program all the numbers your parents want to accept into the whitelist. Since there's some robo calls you're going to want to let through put those names into your allow or star list, whichever it's called. Then only allow calls that are in those lists. You're done, much more efficient than anything the phone companies offer. Google several systems that have call blocker and pick the one that fits your parents needs the most. 


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4 months ago

Bottom line is Call Protect no longer available for VOIP.

If that is true, why does it still work for me? I don’t buy that, I think it’s just an excuse for not being able to figure out why you can’t activate it. Another option is nomorobo, I believe digital lines are compatible with their service.

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