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Fri, Feb 17, 2017 11:01 AM

When you upgrade from the regular old landline to fiberoptics.....

what equipment comes with that?  Do they provide a new phone?





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4 years ago

@t3t4girl - The Plain old telephone service is analog from the house to the Central office switching equipment. As such, it takes a physicall fault to disrupt service. The defined interface between att & the customer is the NID on the side of the house. That is, the customer is responsible for the house wiring & tel sets.


U-verse voice is a digital connection from the RG in the house to the central Office switching equipment. As such, the digital equipment failure or lack of power adds another level of possible interruption. If the internet access & commercial power is super reliable, then this is not a problem. If it is unreliable, the tel service will be equally unreliable. The defined interface between att & the customer is the tel jack on the RG (for tel service - the customer is still responsible for the wire from the NID to the RG). That is the Tel jack on the RG provides analog dial tone that replicates POTS analog dial tone & the customer is responsible for wiring & tel sets (same as POTS).


At one time att provided (one time) a battery with a few hours capacity to keep the RG running nduring a power failure. I believe, that is now the customers responsiblity.

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