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Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 2:52 PM

Troubleshooting Your BGW320 For Voice Calls - Solutions from the AT&T Community

​​​​Learn how to get back in the conversation and restore phone service​​​​

Free Phone Old photo and picture

​​Let's get straight to it. ​​The best way to restore your home phone or internet service is by restarting the modem. You can try one of two quick fixes:​​​​

    ​​​ ​ ​ ​
  • ​​​​Press and hold the red reset button on the rear of the modem for 5 seconds​​​​ ​​​ ​
  • ​​​Unplug the modem from power for 10 seconds​​​
  • ​ ​ ​ ​​​

​​​​If the above does not work, we have more steps to try. ​I also recommend ​​checking for an outage​​​​.​​

​​​​Restoring phone service​​​​

​​​​If your internet is working, that means the signal is coming to the modem. That is great news and tells us we need to work on getting dial tone back. Let’s start.​​​​


​​​​Make sure your phone connection is secure. While rare, it may have disconnected from the back of the modem OR from the phone itself. ​​​​


​​​​If you have a cordless phone but do not hear dial tone, you may need to place the phone back on the cradle to charge. Also, make sure the cradle is plugged into power as well; the cradle is one part of the phone system and if that does not have power, your service will not work.​​ Sometimes rechargeable batteries go bad so if your phone is fairly old and you use it often, consider replacing the batteries. ​​

​​​​The phone itself​​​​

​​​​While rare, there is a chance the phone has failed. I recommend testing the phone at another wall outlet IF your tech wired your home for phone service.​​ If you have others and they work without issue, this tells me the phone you are trying to use is the culprit and may need to be replaced. ​​

​​​​Heads up​​: If your telephone is connected directly to your modem, then the jacks in your home would not be active and no dial tone will be present. ​​​​

​​​​Both services not working ​​​​

​​​​If both services are down, as mentioned above, you’ll want to check the power cords and cables to ensure everything is secure and plugged in. This includes power and connection cords. ​​​​

​​​​I recommend using ​​our troubleshoot and resolve app​​​​​​. Not only will it guide you through troubleshooting steps, but it can also schedule a tech using the same tests our centers perform. It is a great tool that I have used personally. ​​​​

​​ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist ​​

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