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Tue, Oct 18, 2016 10:57 PM

Low hanging wire in my yard, and we dont have or need a landline....Shall I just cut it?

I live in River Forest Il, and have a SBC ameritech box connected to the house.  The wire attached to it is about 7 feet off the ground.  Who can I can to have the box and the wire removed.   We dont use landlines anymore? 


River Forest is a suburb if chicago if that help route the request.  


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4 years ago

Hi @rgallery,


Our members and non-members can report exposed line issues and low handing cable issues by contacting us. Here is the information to do so. 





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3 years ago

After calling the 800 number I am constantly transferred to the wireless department who then has no idea what these "telephone wires are hanging too low from the pole" even means.. is there a direct line for a department?



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10 months ago

This is why I am no longer an AT&T customer. There is no customer service in my opinion. All a customer gets is the run around. I can understand why there isn't even a contact number for the Corporate office because no one cares about the customer's issues. I was a former employee at AT&T many years ago and we were never allowed to give the kind of service that is being given to customers now. I am glad I left, because it is a disgrace!


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