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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 9:44 PM

Kudos to an excellent repairman.

My landline went down and the repairman came yesterday afternoon. He mentioned that this problem was puzzling and he left to go to another box to resolve the problem. He was back early the next morning and I spoke with him. He commented that he had no idea what the problem was and that he was trying different things. Finally after 12:00 N he called us on the phone to check that it was working and to notify us of the same. Then he came in to look at the jack that was not working. He resolved that very quickly.


This was the fifth time in a year and a half that our phone line quit on us. This gentleman spent a lot of time to help us and I would like for him to be recognized for his good work. His name is Stan, Sirname unknown.


Please extend our compliments to him and let us both realize his importance to AT&T and it's  customers.


To Further add. The lady named Mary that took out original call for repairs was exceptonally nice and went out of her way to get things right for us. Thank You Mary.


James L. Fletcher

Acworth, GA

770 966-8080


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a month ago

I am super glad we got this issue resolved for you! Thank you for that information, I will be sure to submit the feedback back for our spectacular at&t worker. If you ever need assistance in the future, feel free to reach back out as we are always here to help! -TaylorA Social Media Manager 

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