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Sat, Feb 18, 2017 9:09 PM

How do you get customer service from AT&T?

We have AT&T for our landline and DSL. They have a box attached to the outside of our house, which is a Network Interface Device. It has begun making an intermittent vibration noise which transfers through the wall into our guest bedroom, making it difficult to sleep in there. I attempted to contact AT&T to have someone come move that box to a different location, or to see if something can be done to elilminate the vibration.


On my first call to AT&T, I fought my way through the automated system and was eventually connected to a person. That person connected me to a different person. That person insisted he could not help me without knowing a 4-digit passcode or my favorite actor, even though I was calling from the number on our account. He then said I had to go to an AT&T store with two forms of ID in order to receive service.


I then tried to schedule a service call online. Their website is horrible, so I gave up and called again. This time I was transferred to the wrong department. I hung up. 


Then I found a passcode (and our security question, which is our Favorite Restaurant NOT our Favorite Actor), so I called a third time. (Actually the fourth time since on my second or third attempt I was cut off. This time after being transferred to three different people I was able to schedule a service call without any mention of a passcode or Favorite anything. I verified my name and address and thought we were all set.


An hour before the scheduled appointment, the technician called to verify our address. He had been sent to our son's address who lives 5 miles from us and has never had any relationship with this account, although he does have U-Verse internet service. The technician had to call his boss to get permission to come to our house, which he did. But when he got here, he wasn't allowed to do anything because he's only allowed to work on U-Verse, which we don't have.


He called his boss who supposedly called in a new order for someone to come solve our problem. No idea if they will come or not.


As much as I hate Comcast, I think we may be forced to switch to them just to get this vibrating box off our house.



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4 years ago

There is nothing in an NID that would cause vibration.  The only thing would be if it were loose it may vibrate in a wind.  If it's not loose it's not the source of your noise.

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