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Saturday, December 10th, 2016 8:40 PM

Fast Busy When Calling Numbers from ATT Landline; But Can Reach Same Numbers from Mobile

When calling my office number (or many, but not all, numbers in the same area code / exchange)  from my home landline, I get a fast busy.

Calling the same numbers from mobile phones or other landlines (not sure if AT&T) rings and reaches the called parties.


Called AT&T cust. service.:  "Not ATT issue.  It's the office phone system, because of an "inter-LATA trunk problem".

  • My company telecom support tried to "trap" the incoming call.  No incoming call detected.
  • It's not just my company's phone system.  Even residental numbers I call have the same issue.
  • I can reach my company phone when call is placed from mobile or other landlines
  • Conclusion:   It's not my office system.


Connected my landline phone to the AT&T "terminal box" (on outside wall of my house).

  • Same problem
  • Conclusion:  It's not my inside-house wiring.

And suggestions on solutions or how to contact the right party within AT&T.



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7 years ago

Fast busy is an indication of the phone company switch not recognizing the digits, misdialing or all circuits busy.  Make sure you're not dialing an area code if it's not needed, not dialing a 1 unless needed or not dialing an area code when it is needed, it could also be a phone putting out distorted digits.  This is not going to be your company's phone system.  I would think if this were a circuit problem the carrier would know about it. 

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