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Monday, February 26th, 2024 8:38 PM

el 42408 handset

How do you deregister a EL42408 model?  I have that current model and bought a used handset via E-BAY. I need to deregister it and need to sync it up with my base. 

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4 months ago

Ok.. I'll plug back in and will see what happens in am tomorrow 



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4 months ago

This is not for your model, but if the deregistration worked with the information supplied by @ATTHelp Than the following information should reregister them, this may not be exact, but should be close. 

Register a handset to your telephone base
1. Before you begin registration, make sure the handset is out of the telephone 
base or charger and shows To register HS... and ...see manual alternately.
2. Put the handset you wish to register on the telephone base cradle.
3. The handset shows Registering.... If the registration is successful, the 
handset screen displays Registered and beeps. The handset is now 
registered with the telephone base.
For registration, put the handset on the 
telephone base, not the handset charger.

Add and register handsets/headsets
If registration fails, the system will automatically try to register again. If 
registration fails after the third try, Registration failed appears on the handset 
screen. The handset shows To register HS... and ...see manual alternately and 
the telephone base returns to idle mode. This may take up to five minutes to 
occur. Please start again from Step 1.
 You cannot register a handset if any other system handset is in use.
 If you try to register more than five handsets to the telephone base, the telephone base shows Registration slots 
are full and sounds two beeps.

This is the deregister process from the same manual, as you can see it's much the same as what was provided by @ATTHelp 

Deregister handsets
You may need to deregister your handsets if:
f You have five registered handsets and need to replace a handset.
-ORf You wish to change the designated handset number of your registered 
You must first deregister ALL handsets, and then register each handset you 
wish to use again, one at a time.
Please read carefully through all the instructions on this page before 
beginning the deregistration process.
Deregister all handsets from the telephone base
In addition to the cordless handsets, this operation will also deregister all 
cordless headsets registered to your telephone base.
1. Make sure that all handsets are out of the telephone base and chargers 
before you begin deregistration.
2. Press and hold FIND HS on the telephone base. After about 20 seconds, 
when the IN USE light starts flashing, release FIND HS and then press it again 
within two seconds. You hear a confirmation tone. The IN USE light turns off 
and all handsets display To register HS... and ... see user manual alternately. 
Allow up to one minute for the process to complete.
3. To register the handset(s) to the telephone base again, follow the 
registration instructions.
 If the deregistration process fails, you may need to reset the system and try again. To reset, unplug the power from 
the telephone base and plug it back in.
 You cannot deregister the handsets if any other system handset is in use.
Even if the battery is depleted, you can still deregister the handsets by following the steps. After the handset is 
charged for at least 10 minutes, the screen shows To register HS... and ... see manual alternately.


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