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Mon, Jan 8, 2018 3:23 AM

Connect Landline to cellphone


I use Call Forward to forward the Landline to my cell phone, to use an app to block spam phone numbers. The problem is, if my mom's friends call, she can't use my cell phone, or answer a call from our home phone. What I want to do is, get a DUAL SIM cell phone, and assign one of the SIM Cards to the landline phone number. Then, I am hoping, if the landline number rings, mom can answer the landline phones and I can answer my cell. And, the app will block numbers that I block as spam. And if I answer and it is a friend, she can just pick up the landline by her to use.

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3 years ago

Hi @michael_1369,


Cool idea! I see how it can work but as of now, not an option. One thing you can do is setup the your system to ring a few times before the call is transferred: 


Change the number of rings
To change the number of rings before forwarding calls:

  1. At the dial tone, press *47
  2. At the second dial tone, enter one of the codes from the table below. (For example, press 30 to forward calls after five rings.)

You will find additional things to try here


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3 years ago


Thank you for the tip. I have it just ring the one time and have all the phone ringers for the landline systems turned off. Which, is nice. If a number that is spam, calls, no noise 🙂
I prefer to answer the phone, because she is 80% deaf and doesn't understand things from a doctor, etc. I will handle those calls, as I am the contact for doctors, bank, etc. Until you figure out how to do it, I will have to continue what I am doing now.  Smiley Happy


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