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Monday, November 7th, 2022 1:46 AM

Battery Backup for Phone Emergency calling 911.

Can anyone recommend a less expensive Battery Backup for Emergency calls other than what ATT shows for " Digital home phone service over AT&T Fiber and indoor ONT" at $555?   See...

I have an AT&T Pace 5268 AC Gateway, AT&T Nokia XS-020X-A Switch, Pace AC Adapter ADP-36LR A (Transformer) and a UE Switching Power Adapter. All this equipment is inside my home. I also have Uverse TV and ATT Internet in this equipment.

I used to have VOIP for the home phone with a battery for the 5268 Gateway and in an Edison Power Outage, the battery would allow me to use the phone. Now with ATT Fiber and Phone, that battery will not work the phone in an outage.



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1 year ago

You need battery backup for whatever you want to keep working. If you're just concerned about phone service than you need to back up the ONT, modem/gateway, and phone if what you have requires power. Most providers of UPS back ups have a place to plug in your amps to help determine the size you need, which depends on how long you want it to last.


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