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Sun, Feb 24, 2019 9:58 PM

Why avoiding to resolve an Issue on ATT home line.

Why is it that ATT refuses to identify and issue and hide behind the "Backend" as your why to avoid the obvious? The end of the story is after two weeks of repeat calls and over 15 hours on the phone with 800-331-0500. I found out what device was using an enormous amount of data. I had to force a representative to dig into the details to find the cause. I have a LG AF300 homeline system. It is a landline replacement and has no other capabilities. I went to the local ATT store in Huber Heights OH and requested the same unit for my 92 yr old mother in law. I requested "J" the ATT rep to pull up my account and identify the model unit I currently use. I told Josh I want the same unit for her to be used strictly as a landline. I instructed Josh to have the unit shipped to my brother in law so he could take it to her and plug it in. This was in Dec. 2018. Beginning in January my wife started getting text messaging from ATT that she was using a high level of data. She was very frustrated because she was home a series of days on the ATT WiFi and couldn't understand why it was happening. We went to out local ATT store and asked Josh for assistance to find out how or what device was causing this issue. Could it be a network error? Could it be that it's tapped her phone or our internet. He reviewed our billing  and told us we were on record for 51 notifications and it's a billing error. He provided the #800  number and instructed us to ask for Loyalty. I immediately called the number and was switched to several individuals telling me it's a technical issue. I had to demand a case to be opened to get to the root cause. Case # CM20190202139354100 was opened by a rep "S". She told me that it will be solved in 2 - 3 days and someone from ATT will call me directly. I left a contact number and asked her to repeat to confirm it was correct. Five days past without hear from ATT. I called again on Feb 7th. I asked what the findings were and was the technical problem fixed. I was told the case is on hold and no other actions. I asked how do  I know anyone is looking into the technical issue and it will be fixed. I told the rep my bill is due 2/14 and I want to be able to know its fix. The rep abruptly told me "We have until the 12th to address this issue" Someone will notify you directly. I asked if the case was being worked. I was told that a person was assigned and she could see his name. I provided (2) phones and (2) emails to reach out to me and provide insight. I was assured he will contact me before the end of the day or not later than 24 hours. I called back on the 11th of Feb. Once again told the case is on hold. ATT has no information to provide other than it is on hold. I was asked" what is your problem you do have a case open and we will fix it" I don't hear from ATT so once again I call the #800. I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to find out what the technical issue is and has it been resolved. It the cause of that time I forced it to come to a conclusion. This brings me back to where I started. It was the homeline I purchased for my mother in law. It was not what I requested and it was a hotspot unit used for homeline. It was never identified it was allowed to rack up $1530 in data charges. In the course of the 5 hours on the phone and another 3 hours waiting for a supervisor to call me from Loyality. I was told the unit's capability to be used as a hotspot was closed. I was told 3 times by 3 agents it was closed. I went to our local ATT store again yesterday inquiring with "J" why I didn't get what I requested for the landline. He and the manager on duty both confirmed to me the request was correct from them but ATT changed it. The best part is after all the calls and inquires by myself to resolve the issue and assured countless times every thing is ok "trust me"  I find the contrary. There were no records of any of my conversations. Not a single note. The supervisor last week wanted to help me and cut a deal. "You change your service to a more expensive service and I'll credit back to you all but $120.00 the additional price per month for the revised plan." The credits were to be applied by 2/22. I was reassured once again everything is fixed. Yesterday I see the account has not changed. As a matter of fact the account has late fees. I went back to two ATT stores last night and at the second store they lookup my account to see the hotspot still open and the other showing the original order for the shipped to my mother in law was changed  to include the hotspot I didn't request. All this on top of another 6 hrs yesterday online and the phone trying once again to understand and resolve. I was to yesterday at 10:30AM EST a supervisor from Loyalty will can in 30-60 minutes. I am still waiting. Quality service?


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