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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 9:34 PM

Unable to create an online account/Unable to get assistance

Hello, I have been trying to create an online account for several months now. When prompted to create an account it asks for 2 verifications,

1. Code to the phone number attached - The problem with this is that it is a land line connected to our emergency phone line system in our elevator and can not receive text message codes.

2. Send code via mail- I have selected this prompt multiple times in the past few months and have not received anything to the address.

I have tried to call in to get customer support but have disconnected and transferred to at least 5 departments that tell me they are unable to assist on the 5th transfer they provided me a phone number and when dialed, all prompts are in spanish and I am still unable to reach a representative. I've been told multiple times to try online but when trying to connect, it asks me to SIGN IN but I am unable to do so because I can not create an account.

This is extremely frustrating, the only thing I want to do is set up automatic payment and paper less billing.



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3 years ago

You'll need to contact tech support.

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