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Tue, Aug 21, 2018 3:01 AM

TELCO Landline Customer In Florida About To CANCEL ALL SERVICES I Have With AT&T

First of all, I have spent LITERALLY hours trying to speak to a real live person concerning my LANDLINE bill, which is wrong. It's nearly twice as high as it is supposed to be.

Should be a fairly simple thing, so let me tell you what has happened thus far.

1. I am told that Live Chat, Twitter @ATTCARES, can no longer help anyone with a landline.

2. That leaves me with the 800-288-2020 line which frankly is USELESS when it comes to those of us who have a TELCO landline phone.

3. A couple of weeks ago I tried yet again to get in touch with someone in the landline department. AFTER speaking to 4 diffferent Customer Service Representatives and AFTER waiting on hold for nearly an hour and a half, the LAST representative then advises me that the landline department is CLOSED on SUNDAYS! Imagine my disgust and anger after wasting my time off work sitting on the phone waiting for someone who was not even working that day. Odd that your IVR system and your representatives are not trained very well and no one knew this?

4. I have other services with AT&T as well, like Fixed Wireless Internet and DirecTV. You have shown me the error of my ways though. AT&T does not give two flips about a decades long, loyal customer like myself who has spent tens of thousands of dollars with AT&T.


I have had to waste many hours of time to correct YOUR (AT&T)'s mistake on my last two bills.

How many people exactly work in the TELCO landline department? ONE? TWO? There cannot be that many because NO ONE Is picking up the phone. In fact the IVR system is such crap it first told me (and a rep who has stayed on the line with me) that it would be THREE MINUTES waiting, we are still on the line now an hour later and NO ONE is picking up. Oh, we get the message that we can use ATT.com / No shiiite Sherlock, I would if I were able to correct my own bill, but since I cannot, I am forced to stay on the line.


Would AT&T rather that I canceled all three of my services? That's where I am leaning toward.


Here are my suggestions for AT&T:

1. AT&T being a communications leader, should have a WORLD CLASS IVR system. However, yours DOES NOT WORK. It does not tell anyone that the department they are waiting on for hours on end is actually closed. The IVR does not tell one that they will wait HOURS, it says 3 minutes. Now waiting currently over an hour and STILL no help. FIX YOUR IVR SYSTEM!!!

2. HIRE enough employees to help your millions of customers. That would be very helpful.

3. TRAIN your representatives to be courteous and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Would you believe that one of your representatives argued with me that my LANDLINE was actually a wireless line? Asked me if my phone was WIRED or WIRELESS like I don't know the difference between a fricking landline and a cell phone!!

4. ACT like you actually care about your customers. AFTER waiting on the phone with Raymond with Employee ID 166006 for over an hour, he was just advised that the TELCO LANDLINE department CLOSED like 4 hours ago!!! WHY does no one know what time this ridiculous department is open?


I work for a living all day and cannot have a phone as I too work in a call center!! I work the same hours as this department is supposedly open. Someone better FIX MY BILL or I will cancel ALL three services with AT&T.


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3 y ago

Good morning @wynter57,


We hear you loud and clear and want to get this addressed for you.

I’m sending you a private message (PM) to further investigate your account. Please look in your inbox for a message from me.


Mihai AT&T Community Specialist

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