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Tue, Aug 28, 2018 9:07 PM

Spam calls from unlisted/non working numbers

I am continually getting calls that when I answer, they are either not a legit call, a fax signal, or when I call back, the number is listed or revealed as a non working number. These robo call are fishing for people to to be scammed.
There has to be a way to trace the origins on the calls and take legal action against the perps.
I am just back from Idaho and talked to a retired NSA engineer, and he was telling about forward running on fiberoptic cables for stock transactions (which I knew about) as well that the NSA knows about all the fiber optic cables.
When I get a call, I sometimes put business call on hold only to discover that it is not a legit call.
There has to be a way to source the origin of these calls and put the sobs out of business.
Suggest you contract with the NSA to track these calls and then block their use of OUR telephone lines. IF NSA can intercept encrypted burst quanta data and put them together, they can surely track the large number of calls from robo dialers. THEY HAVE TO BE USING BANDWIDTH TO THIS!!
I will gladly contribute to a fund for axes, cleavers, machetes etc to take care of these people.


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2 years ago

The FCC and Telco's have been working on this see this article you can also use the search feature at the top of this page for other topics on this issue. 

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a year ago

The tools to stop these patently illegal nuisance calls are and have been available for years. Unfortunately the tremendous amount of money to be made allows the worst perpetrators to stuff cash into the pockets of the senetors and congress people - both state and federal - in amounts great enough to guarantee that no laws will be made to inhibit these obnoxious, time wasting efforts to scam and steal from the most vulnerable among us. Adding insult to injury, the cost of the tremendous amounts of bandwidth used by the voice-over-internet system used by these morally bankrupt people costs them nearly nothing. The expense is passed on to the rest of us. It's disgusting, and a shining example of what happens when a society like ours gets too lazy to participate in the Government Of The people, By the people and FOR the people. If we allow criminals and self-serving thievs to determine the rules of our society, what else can the ultimate outcome be but foolish, criminal and ultimately evil powers? If you check into the history of mankind, this is a cycle which has repeated itself over and over as far back as we can determine. Each of us has a responsibility to get involved This Time. If we do, if we listen to the little voice inside each of our hearts and find the courage to act accordingly, who knows what a wonderful world we could create for those yet to come?

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