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Tue, Dec 31, 2019 4:16 AM

No Hope Sunday

Disabled, can't get repair or repair information on Sunday. Need phone service for med I cal alarm. No repair available on Sunday, nobody to get on the phone, all information was confused, contradictory, and mostly missing. My phones went out of use early about five am on Sunday n day the 29th of December. I tried to call a number, but was told landline office or repair was available on Sunday. The disability office also has no contact on Sunday. The repair depart m ent has no answerod pho n e on Sunday. Via online repair request from me and chat room guy Michael, I got three entirely different estimaied times when services could be restored. I also had rude and abrupt messages via text to say more or less to take it or leave it. Why is it not possible to get repair ons Sunday and for a disabled, elderly customer to ask for expedited service on Sunday. This is an unaccetable situation. It's dangerous for a disabled person who requires a phone for medical alarms and monitoeing calls f o r oxygen'n, fall, and other emergeicies. At the very least there should be SOMETHING to help. Sunday is no different than any day. A telecot company can't cl o Dr down service on Sunday or even have an open channel. Frankly, I'd think AT T would be lliable for injury and death if th a t happens.

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Hello @Saintpat2,


Please accept our apologies for you not being able to get in touch with anyone about the trouble with your phone service! We're here now and happy to see what we can do for you!


Is your phone service through U-Verse or basic landline?

Were you able to get in touch with us yesterday to get an update on your repair?


Remember that you can always go online to manage your repair appointment, which includes checking, changing, rescheduling, and cancelling your appointment.


We're looking forward to your response and the opportunity to assist you! :-)


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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You can do ZERO on Sunday at AT&T. I've confirmed this with a thousand tries. Messages to call customer service are automated to "our office is closed. Disability office is closed. Repair office is closed. I got to speak to a uverse tech support who (Edited per community guidelines)ped me get online at att repair, but I never got any assistance, information, or aid to beg for expedited repair.

Listen to me. On a Sunday, I am still 76, alone, with 4 disabling conditions monitored and linked in to the telephone to summon aid. I should at least be able to speak to someone and ask if there is any expedited (Edited per community guidelines)p. "Call back on Monday morning" is not help.

I asked even a chat line guy, Michael, for (Edited per community guidelines)p I was so desperate, and he confirmed with me that he'd get me a 2 to 4 pm that day for repair!!!! That was Sunday the 29th. Then that ticket never showed up by 11 am, so I put my own in and got an email saying servicde restored by 8pm Sunday. I waited. It then got changed to 8pm Monday. All this information one way, directive, and wrong!!

You are going to have to get an emergency aid number for the disabled on Sunday. You have to at least get a person who can move things along, get some kind of repair for Sunday for disabled people on monitors linked to phones. Otherwise, you are going to have the biggest (Edited per community guidelines) in the world. If I ever get a Sunday outage again, and I get hurt or die, I've instructed my (Edited per community guidelines) to start typing. Any jury in the world would give my heirs millions. Another thing you could do is have a live person tell the truth about what time toexpect service restored, not 3 contradictory times.

Sunday is a workday in America anymore. You sure as (Edited per community guidelines) are busy selling your products on Sunday, and America is busy using your products. So you have to fix them on Sunday.

I'm making a formal complaint about this to the ADD department of the federal governent. You failed to provide needed assistance, promised to disabled customers, me.


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