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Sun, Nov 14, 2021 10:34 PM

letter to the editor Detroit News (the Opinion Page)

I find it sad to know that it is taking AT&T over a month to resolve a service failure concern in the area of 48238.  Anyone living within a certain boundary under this zip code has gone over one month with out their service from AT&T.
When certain people living with:  health concerns, medical or safety emergencies et.- they have limited to no recourse for assistance.  Basically; it tells me that the AT&T customer's living in the 48238 area are being forced to take a back seat when the need for adequate service is needed. 
I speak on behalf of many customers in need of the repairs needed for their service from AT&T in the area of 48238.  I am disappointed, and angry that after one month without service - and I have not spoken with my family in Detroit. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!

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This is a customer populated forum only. It is not AT&T Support so the only folks here who will read your letter are other customers. It could be a tower that has been damaged by a storm so it could take AT&T time to fix it (parts availability, available service techs, etc etc etc).


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You'd do better to file an FCC complaint or escalate to a customer service executive.  You really aren't providing a lot of information, like what trouble tickets have you received, what are you being told.  You say it's an area, how large an area and what are the boundaries? How many customers are involved?  Seems to me this is a vent rather that trying to find out how to get it fixed.  

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